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I help music-lovers experience perspective and knowledge so they can detach from obligations without staying stressed out in their free time. When you prioritize time for yourself to calm your mind, I can help you relax and restore your energy with sound. 

If you're feeling stressed, angry, annoyed, frustrated, tired, sad, irritated or basically any emotion that you're not wanting to be feeling, give this mp3 recording a listen. You might find it takes the "edge" off naturally.

-Joanna Grace

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- Joanna Grace &

Sound Healing Energy

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"Joanna has the gift of not only music ability but the ability to sense how you are feeling, and be able to offer you effective sound healing. We had a heartfelt talk and then she played on her special drum. I was awestruck at how different I felt, from tense and anxious, to feeling calm, after an initial session.” -M.J.A.


Joanna Grace & Sound Healing Energy